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of Orange County, California (cir 220,000)
article / interview and photo


 Playboy Magazine

 Article on Amateur Video:
"... amateur style tape has captured about 60 percent of the adult VCR trade. That would be about
$2 billion, enough to jeopardize anyone's amateur standing."


Full Page

Full-page advertisement for "Amateur Night" videos
featuring 4 covers (vol. 1-4)
all photos and video by
Jerry Jones.

Erotic Video Guide

Review of Amateur Hours Vol. 4:

"...Easily Pro Quality... Hot Encounter... Real Ballburner..."


Complete photo set in Members Area !!!
" ... Randi Hart ....
Queen of the so-called amateur videos
having starred in several volumes of

Ambassador's  "Amateur Hours."

X-Rated Stars In Action Magazine
interview with Randi Hart, 6 Pages, all photos by
Jerry Jones
" ...star of Amateur Hours volumes 1, 6, 7, 9,10 (and others)
on video she's a tiger, and she lets it show."

  Video Xcitement,  Review of "An Amateur Hour With Stacey"
 (One Hour Series-volume 6)

     " The people in this video have one thing in common - they are all horny as hell and get off performing for the camera!

This is real inspired action...."

Adult Video News,
Letter to the editor from Ambassador Video:

     " We at Ambassador Video would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their support in making the "Amateur Hours" series one of the most successful lines of the 90's, and for putting Ambassador on the map...

Jerry Jones
for producing a superior series...
We were the first kids on the block to offer an amateur line to distributors.
...We have made many changes due to feedback from you the consumer.

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"We are all born naked and screaming...
and if you're lucky that sort of thing won't stop there"


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