Shelby Stone

Shelby stopped by with her Boyfriend to check out what Adult Modeling might feel like.

They had heard good things about MasterJerry letting people experiment with whether or not they are really interested or maybe just being curious.

She and her boyfriend spent a couple days basicly just showing off to satisfy their own urges and
"get it out of their systems."

MasterJerry seduced
this very Sweet Young Lady.


"Shelby Begging for It"



Shelby tries to tallk her boyfriend into coming to bed... he's kinda busy until she shows him that she isn't wearing any panties !

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"Shelby's First Solo"





Shelby is dressed for bed, time to put on a little lotion... "Oh My Gosh, that's starting to feel pretty good... maybe I'll give myself a "happy ending!"

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"Shelby's First ORGY!"





MasterJerry asks Shelby to show off for the camera a little, but Samantha starts trying to get His attention...



MasterJerry suggests that its time for a break and orders Randi to bring up some champagne.





When Samantha and Randi start trying to fuck MasterJerry, Shelby and Ron get really turned on.... and "away We go!"

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